Noodweer Benelux has a large community of amateur weather enthusiasts. The community showed to be very interactive and loyal on social media and other platforms. Noodweer wanted an application with weather information and notifications, fed with real-time notifications by the users.


What was Noodweer struggling with?

Noodweer wanted an application that provides real-time weather information in a users area, that at the same time is fed with real-time weather notifications by their large community of weather enthusiasts.

Before putting too much time and effort into design or development they wanted a few things tested: 'will our community actually feed the application with the necessary weather data?', 'How can we avoid ghost notifications?', 'How can we make it easy for beginning community members to make weather notifications?'


Where did we come in?

Sounds like we had the ideal recipe for a design sprint. Together with the Noodweer team we ran a 4 day sprint workshop to align on the challenges, come up with a potential solution and see what was technically feasible and pour everything into a high-fidelity prototype. Finally on Thursday we tested the prototype with real community members.


Finalizing the product

During the sprint we decided to focus on designing an easy to use and interpret weather notification system to be fed by the community and to focus on a clear user onboarding flow to make sure users can start using our application without any hurdles.

User research on Friday showed we were definitely on the right track. A few iterations later, the product was ready to go to market.

Ready to Sprint?

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