Kringwinkel is more than a second hand shop. In addition to the classic story of giving a new life to old cast-offs Kringwinkel saw possibilities in a furniture and decoration rental platform.


What was Kringverhuur struggling with?

Kringverhuur wanted a scalable platform that could be tailored to the needs of multiple industries (television production teams, real estate agents and stylists, photographers, ...) and user needs. Before moving forward and investing time and money in this project they wanted an MVP and a few questions answered on how to get things rolling.


Where did we come in?

We jumped straight into a design sprint workshop and ideated what that solution should look like. We conceptualized an onboarding flow, came up with an easy-to-use ordering flow, troubleshooting area, as well as an option to select multiple add-ons.

After a four day sprint, we ended up with a high-fidelity prototype that was validated by real end users and gave us great feedback and insights to iterate on and shift into higher gear to finalize our MVP and bring the platform to market.

Ready to Sprint?

Solve big product challenges and test new ideas in just 4 days. Get user insights before launching and see how customers react.

Hell yeah 💪