What we're good at

The Brigade facilitates Design Sprints

Product validation

We help you validate and launch new products and services. No long development cycles, but months of work done in just a few weeks.

The Brigade builds app's

Design Sprints

Together with your team we run design sprints to solve any business or product problem you have. In a 4 day process we go from problem to validated solution.

The Brigade facilitates Design Sprints

Mobile applications

Native apps (IOS or Android) or hybrid applications. Using the newest technology we build powerful app's that feel smooth and fulfill your business needs.

The Brigade builds app's

Web applications

We help you with the right technology stack, and build a scalable digital product on high speed and out-of-this-world technical knowledge.

The Brigade facilitates Design Sprints

CRM & automation

Reaching the boundaries of your current CRM or want to start implementing (marketing) automation between your different tools? Shoot for the stars!

The Brigade builds app's


If you want to transform your retail business, scale your online presence or have a new product or service in mind, we can help you build a customized solution.

The Brigade builds digital platforms

Chatbots & AI tools

Conversational and AI tools are a go-to for reaching customers. We can help you integrate Facebook, Whatsapp or other chatbots in your current marketing stack.

The Brigade builds chatbots

Emerging technologies

Technology is changing super fast. At The Brigade we adapt even faster. We have a dedicated team that can help you with AI/ML, Voice, Blockchain and many more.