Design Sprint

Together we solve big product and business challenges and test new ideas in just 4 days. We go from problem to validated prototype and get insights before launching.

What is a Design Sprint?

A validated prototype in 4 days

It's all about acceleration. We get from idea to insights in just 4 days. That's the power of a Design Sprint. With a go-getter MVP mindset we help answering critical questions, build a tangible solution and test it with real customers.

The Brigade design sprint cycle


Focus & ideate

We kick off the week by understanding the challenge and generating multiple solutions.

Design Sprint day 1
Design Sprint day 2


Decide & storyboard

We select a winning concept and work out a blueprint for the prototype.


Design & prototype

Today is all about building our working prototype. We put the generated concept and blueprint into a prototype that is ready to be validated.

Design Sprint day 3
Design Sprint day 1


User validation

Last day of our Design Sprint. Today we test our prototype with real life users to gather insights and validate the prototype.