Client case:


Kadeet is an application listing all child-friendly accomodations in your area. We can hear you thinking: how did we help Kadeet?

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How did we help?


Business Strategy


UI/UX Design


Product validation




What was kadeet struggling with?

Young parents wanting to spend quality time with their family often struggle finding child-friendly restaurants that are accomodated to their specific needs. They end up bringing bags of children's supplies with them, making their restaurant visit quite the hassle.

That's where Kadeet wanted to come in. Kadeet came up with the idea to create an application listing all child-friendly restaurants and accomodations in the area, but didn't know where to start.

Solution & Restults

Where did we come in?

Together with the Kadeet team, we decided to run a Design Sprint to allocate specific areas of the customer journey and where to make the difference. After 4 days of sprinting we came up with a high fidelity prototype and had it tested with real users.

From prototype we went to development. A few weeks later, Kadeet was ready to launch in the App Store & Play Store. The Kadeet app proved to be a success with a few hundred registered users within the first weeks of launching.

Kadeet mockup