Digital Solutions:
Faster & Leaner.

We are The Brigade. We help company's accelerate in creating their digital solutions and initiate growth through Design Sprints.

What’s your
digital challenge?

Whatever the challenge, our team can help you build meaningful products that deliver maximum value and experience to the end user, in alignment with your business goals.

Combining a fast-paced, iterative and digital mindset, we put business and technological expertise on the front-line. We forge connections between your goals, technology, and results at lightning speed.

We help you integrate digital in the core of your organisation's success!

Our approach



With extensive product and market research we help you define your strategic vision, and create a visual approach on what challenges to tackle and overcome.



We develop a product strategy with a clear roadmap, milestones and success metrics during the planned sprints.


Design & Build

We go from prototype to finished product at a high speed. The sprints give us user insights so we build tangible products that actually create value to your users and customers.


Scale & Grow

We iterate and scale your product based on real customer and user insights and data. Rapid product changes allow your products to grow.

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Ready to Sprint?

Solve big product challenges and test new ideas in just 4 days. Get user insights before launching and see how customers react.

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